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Tech Bullion   >

Moving the Blockchain Industry Toward a full Decentralization, Interview with Eduardo from ATRONOCOM

‍ATRONOCOMis pushing the blockchain industry toward true, full decentralization, so even the phone in your pocket is working for the future."
Entrepreneur Europe   >

How the EU Is Cementing its Place as an Entrepreneurial Playground

"ATRONOCOM, a high-security messaging and payment platform, has previously picked Dubai as its jurisdiction of choice, although a considerable share of its business lies in central Europe."
Bitcoin Garden   >

Operation Rescue Childcare Project – Fueled by a Desire to Change the World, One Community at a Time

"One company has stepped up and offered to do its bit to help out. ATRONOCOM is an ultra-secure decentralized payment and messaging platform that donates 10% of every transaction fee to Operation Rescue via smart contract."

Beta Testing Moves into Phase 2 Ahead of Schedule

"With the beta version of ATRONOCOM online, we were able to unlock the software earlier than we planned, thus completing Phase 1 far sooner than scheduled on our road-map. For this reason, we will release Phase 2 over the coming day, raising the price of the ATROM to 0.40 EUR."
Coindoo   >

Crypto Banking – the Future of Personal and Business Finance?

"...I should be able to obtain all the services I need from a single source. It should not be that we have to download five different applications for five products on our mobile phones. ATRONOCOM offers a perfect bridge between the old and new worlds by focusing on speed, transaction cost, and scalability."
AMB Crypto   >

Why are Banks Reluctant to Bank Crypto?

"Companies like ATRONOCOM are offering a solution to this problem, and at the same time making it easier for individuals to keep track of their crypto assets without the need for multiple apps."
Crypto Currency News   >

Looking to Buy Crypto? There’s an App (or Five) for That!

"Companies like ATRONOCOM are leading the next generation of providers, offering a hybrid system that features many of the universal benefits of traditional banking, with the added benefits of crypto and blockchain technology."
Panorama Crypto   >

Atronocom Launches Beta Version of Crypto Payment Platform

"The ATRONOCOM app boasts multiple capabilities including cell phone staking on both Android and iOS, an OTC exchange, a debit bank card and a high security, encrypted messaging service."
Irish Tech News   >

How Modern Banking Looks Like for Those on the Move?

"An issue for some of these types of accounts in the past was knowing which contact points you could use them at, but that’s not a problem anymore, with the ATRONOCOM card able to be used at a staggering 40 million contact points worldwide..."
Crowdfund Insider   >

The Best Secure Mobile Messaging Apps 2019 Not Called Facebook Messenger

"...ATRONOCOM, whose ultra-secure communication messenger comes with a connected wallet function and integrated high-end banking facilities."
Captain Altcoin   >

SAFT Agreements – a Beginners Guide

"We’ve also seen popular instant messaging platform Telegram use a SAFT agreement for US investors during its successful token pre-sale that saw them raise $850 million, and ultra-secure banking and messaging dApp ATRONOCOMs SAFT crowdsale is in full swing."
Crypto Globe   >

Utility Tokens 2.0: The Need for a Real Use Case

"If you’re serious about gearing your project up for mass adoption, you have to appeal to the masses, and that just isn’t going to happen unless your token offers real-world value that appeals to those outside the industry."
Global Coin Report   >

In an Era of Tokens with No Real Use, ATRONOCOM Brings a High-End User Experience and a Real Use Case of a Cryptocurrency to the Marketplace

"Making life as smooth as possible for investors and members is high on ATRONOCOM’s priority list. The simple, yet highly advanced progressive web app ... offers clients the ability to carry out transactions that usually require multiple apps all in one place."
Cryptodaily   >

The Secret To Great Design? Great Performance

"Some newer startups are addressing these types of issues though, with ATRONOCOM offering a decentralized app that offers, under one roof, what usually requires a number of different apps..."
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