DApp Feature Details

A Completely Decentralized App for your Mobile Device

Feature Details

Mobile Phone "DPoS" Staking on Android and iOS

Lightnodes or SPV nodes that download block headers verify the authenticity of transactions. They use complete nodes as intermediaries. Light Node Clients are supported by full nodes for many operations, from querying the latest headers to the account balance of an account to the actual introduction of staking.This saves batteries and storage space. However, it is a complete staking process which is rewarded with an incentive.

For the first releases, we connect smart phones by connecting the wallet to relay nodes that have full API functionality and serve as back ends for the feature-rich clients. Investors can place their coins on the Mobile Wallet and elect delegates based on their vote weighting. The delegates can create new blocks in the network and they will be rewarded for the service which will then be shared again with the Light Node Clients in proportion. This process will be continuously expanded until the full confirmation process is completed via the mobile phone.

Feature Details

Debit Bank Card

Members of the ATRONOCOM Legion who have downloaded the DApp and filled out the registration form can activate their Virtual Bank Card immediately and order one or more Physical Partner Cards directly and then use them for many functions. The bank card is directly connected to the ATRONOCOM system and can be used at almost 40 million contact points worldwide

Online Partner Account Registration
DApp Account Management
Usable for all services and products
Online Registration of the Partner Card Bonus Program
Concierge Service
And a lot more...
Feature Details

Mobile Banking

Buy and Sell crypto currencies and OTC trading services
Day Trading (near future), margining trading (near future)
Crypto Mining
IBAN Bank Account in Luxembourg or Switzerland
Send and Receive money via SWIFT/SEPA
FX - Exchange currencies at interbank rates
Escrow services without third parties
High Load Limits of up to 1,000,000 Euros per year
High spending limits up to 30,000 Euros per transaction
Easy Activation
Multi-currency card (5 currencies available)
Anonymous - the Cardholder's name is not displayed
Feature Details

High Security Communication Messenger

Secure sending and receiving of messages and files
Connected wallet function
P2P Encryption VOIP
Voice calls & Video Chat
Group Chat
Broadcast Function
Security Settings
Voice Messages (Audio)
Emojis & Gifs
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Join the ATRONOCOM Crowdsale

We decided to take the path of SAFT Crowd sale in order to raise funds to move faster and build bigger for the benefit of our users and supporters.